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My husband and I opened the Goat Gate as young gastronomic enthusiasts over 11 years ago. We are a family business and our goal has always been and will be to offer top regional cuisine based on products from local farms. Quality meat from the family butcher shop Hašvársky dvor, fish from Stupava ponds and vegetables from Slovak fields are the basis for every honest meal that we offer you with our chef Roman Svoboda ponúkame.
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Kozia Brána is located in the heart of the Old Town in areas that previously belonged to the city brewery. You will not miss the entrance to the Kozia brána restaurant – a statue of a wooden goat, the mascot of the restaurant, hangs above it.

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The Goat Gate is part of the long  history of this locality and its name is also connected with the city’s past. Once upon a time, in these places, as part of the city fortifications, there was a so-called Goat gate through which shepherds drove goats on the hillsides.

The interior of the restaurant has up to 90 seats, so it is not a problem to organize a family celebration or a larger sitting. At Kozá brána, we approach each client as if we were organizing an event for a friend or acquaintance and we want to meet all wishes and expectations. We will help and advise you with the ideal choice of menus or snacks, we will adapt the interior and harmonize the tablecloth decorations.
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